The Kent City School

Dear Parents,

Assalam o Alaikum!


We hope that you all are safe, healthy, and following all guidelines by the government to prevent exposure to COVID-19. The Kent City School highly recommends wearing an N95 or any three-layered protective mask while in public places.

The Kent City School would like to inform you that we are introducing digital education for all the classes from Montessori to Class X. Online classes will be conducted using Google-Suite for Education (Google Classrooms), and other digital school platforms. This will allow our students to stay safe at home while carrying on with their education.

Parents will be notified about their online classes from their campus.

Each student will be given their own email address to use for Google. Therefore, no student needs to create their own Gmail account for school. This will ensure the safety and privacy or our students as they will be restricted from using or receiving any content on the internet that is not appropriate for their age. 

Please note that parents and students are responsible for making sure that the provided Google account is not being used for personal or any other use that does not relate to their school work. Any prohibited use of the school given Google account will result in the suspension of the student’s account.


Students’ accounts have been given access to use other Google Apps, such as Drive, Sheets, Docs, Slides, and much more, which can help them with online learning. TKCS will provide a full guide for parents and students for Google Classroom as the majority of the work will be through it. But students are encouraged to explore and find other resources for themselves in G-Suite.

It is imperative for all parents or students to follow the guide and join the classes in their respective Google Classroom accounts. 

Please note that as per the Government of Pakistan, schools are expected to resume their normal operations including physical presence of students at school from Wednesday, 15th July 2020. Meanwhile, the school is busy upgrading its health protocols, including disinfecting campuses and ensuring adequate distance within the classrooms. We will not be resuming any communal/extracurricular activities such as outdoor lunch breaks, assemblies, and social events until it is safe to do so.  


Stay Safe,


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